Ready, Fire, Aim, But Make Sure You Are Ready

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Then plan some more.

Then plan even more.

But once you have that plan together, then it is time for action.


The problem with many organizations today is that they have bought into this “Ready, Fire, Aim”.

Which is a great process that I myself totally support.

 The problem, however, is that they have failed to be “Ready”.

Are you truly ready?


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Do you have a well-put-together plan that gets you there?

Be careful – if you fire without being ready it will not work.



You have to be ready.

Ready Fire Aim has as its base – Ready.

The best methods to fill your sales funnel!
The best methods to fill your sales funnel!


Remember also that aiming means adjusting


Today I want to spend some time talking about how you get ready.

What do you need to do to get ready?

What are the steps in getting ready in the sales and marketing process?


Today I will cover the 3 steps as they relate to sales and marketing, strategy, tactics and action.


Within action we will also look at measurements.


You can watch this great teaching on youtube with Coach Manny – Just click here.



1/        Strategy.

Do you really know what it is you want to go after?

What your strategy is – who are you going after?


What products are you going to sell to this group?


What type of lead generation are you going to use to get you into this group?


How are you going to present effectively?

How are you going to close business?


What is your sales strategy and where do you want it to take your company in the next 5-3-1 years?


Also, remember that your strategy for year 1 might look a lot different than that for year 3, but it has to support and take you where you want to be in year 3.

For example:

Year 1 – might be all-out calling.

Year 2 – might add email and social media.

Year 3 – working the email list.


I heard a great saying the other day; I don’t remember who said it, but:

“Why do most companies go out of business today?”

The answer – they don’t consistently sell.


We have a separate article on that which you can review.


Answer the question:  Where are you going, and what is the strategy?


2/        Define the tactics that are going to help you implement that strategy.


Now, once you have the strategy set, then you need to define the tactics that are going to make that happen. What is it going to take to implement the strategy?


In this process you take the strategy and put the tactics behind it to make it happen.

Some of the questions that could come up are as follows:

How are you going to sell – inside sales team, outside sales team, combination?

What lead gen tools fit the need?

What vendor are you going to use?

What is the CRM you are going to use to implement the process?

What does the presentation look like, and how is it conveyed to the prospect?

Do you use SEO/PPC, other paid advertising?


Make sure you define and understand how this is going to happen, and what the tactics are.


3/        You have to take action.

And this is really why we say…

Ready – plan is in place – you know where and how.

Fire – you do it.

Aim – adjust and then fire again.


Remember that if you are not taking action – you are not moving.

It is not going to happen



Ready, fire, aim, but if you are not ready, get ready first.



If you do not have a written strategic plan and a written tactical plan, then you are not ready.


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