Obsessed to be the BEST

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Obsessed to be the BEST


Today, I want to discuss a very critical success item-obsession. usmc image 2


Yes, I understand that it might not be the most remarkable thing when you first think about it, but let’s take a deeper look and understand how obsession can and does create great success.


First, from Michael Levine’s book, “Broken

Windows, Broken Business” (which I highly

recommend), we get this quote:


“It is not enough to be concerned about your

business: it’s not enough to be interested in its

success.  You have to be obsessed, or you are

inviting disaster.”


Are you lying in bed at night, thinking of waysebook (3)

to improve the service to your customers?

Have you communicated this to all your

employees to the point where it is part of them?


As Michael further tells us, “It’s not enough

for you to be obsessed – everyone who works

for the company must be equally single-minded.”


I have the pleasure of working with a client right now, and he is doing it.  Everyone is getting obsessed, and the results we’re getting are amazing.  All the things that people normally pick on – they are gone.  People are focused on helping each other and the company to be the best;  amazing stuff. And it can happen in your organization as well.


I think we call it “focus.” But I also think we call it something much more elaborate than focus here; we call it a way of life. We call it a way to make your organization and you different from the rest.


Listen to the podcast of this information with Coach Manny.  Click here.


What does Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, think?

He is highly dedicated to the education of his people.

He wanted to ensure that customers entering a

Starbucks store would be met by employees who knew their product inside and out and could discuss it, recommend choices and answer questions as well

as anyone in the industry.




How do you and your team stack up? Do your employees and teams have that knowledge about your business? Or have you heard, “That’s not my job” lately?


To further quote from “Broken Windows, Broken Business” about the Starbucks organization, “Starbucks employees must cross over from

interested to obsessed with coffee, and they

must demonstrate this obsession to their customers

by exhibiting the level of education and training

they have received.”


Let’s leave Starbucks and talk about the founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, for a moment. How

many know that when Ray entered a McDonald’s

that was up to stuff, he would grab a mop and clean

up the place?

The CEO!  Think he was obsessed with the best?


Too many times today, we are willing to accept less.

Too many times today, we are willing to settle for less.

Too many times today, we have no obsession with

being the best and making our organization the best.


But “what if” you are not willing to accept less than the best? That you expect your team to walk at the highest


That you walk there, and anyone that wants to play on your team must also walk there.


What if you just plan to say no to settling for less than what you really want?  This is what I expect.

This is the way I would do it, and this is the way you have to do it.


What if you were obsessed with being the best?

What would happen to you, your business and

your life?


In today’s “new world environment,” we are searchingmannynowak ebook

for something that will take us to the top of the pack.

Would an obsession with being the best at customer

service do it?

Would not settling for anything less do it?

Would that make you stand out from all the rest?

Would that leave you standing when all the rest

have fallen?

Obsessed to be the best; go for it!


Send me your stories of how this works in your organization or how you believe you can make it work.   I’ll really love to hear from you.


Please check out our books and courses; we are here to help you be the best.




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