Do You Lack A Sales Process That Keeps Salespeople Productive And Accountable?

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That is today’s question and the third question from our article on 3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Business Owners Make That Keep Them Frustrated About Sales!


The following is a list of the questions you need to find the answers to in order to build an effective sales strategy, tactics and action plan.


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This is a set of nine pieces you need to put together and use to build your sales process.  You start with a strategy, then the tactics to implement that strategy and finally the execution – doing it.Photo on 4-24-17 at 9.10 AM #2


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1/         Are you pursuing your target market?

Take time to define exactly what your target market is.  Do not be afraid of making it too tight.  The tighter your target, the more you become the expert, the more people get to know who you are, and the easier you can use digital marketing in your process to create inbound leads.


2/         What are the products/services you want to lead with?

You might have a whole store full of products and services that people can buy, but what are you going to lead with?


Which of these products get people excited and wanting to buy?  Which of them are just add-on products once you have a customer?

Define this and lead with the right products/services.


3/         How do you generate leads?2D-2

What methods are you using to get qualified leads?

You need to define your top 5 and your second 5 methods.

These are where you need to put your time, energy and dollars when it comes to generating leads.


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4/         How do you qualify a lead, and what do you do next?

What is a qualified lead to you?

Define it in detail so your sales team and you understand.

What is the process you go through to take a prospect to a lead to a qualified lead?


5/         How good is your presentation?

How good are your presenters?

Are you getting the message across to your audience?

Are you talking benefits or features?

Is it about you or about them?

Is the right person doing the presentation?


6/         How effective is your proposal?

How fast can you put it together?

Does it answer all the questions you can think of that your prospect might have?


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7/         Sales materials?

Do you have any that are not old?

Do you have a good leave-behind or will it just end up in the trash can?

An effective leave-behind can keep you center focus of your customer forever.

Use your imagination and do something besides a brochure or tri-fold.


8/         Follow-up process?

Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.
Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.

How effective is your follow-up process?

How do you make sure it is getting done?

What is it?

Does your sales team know that this is what you expect?


9/         CRM?

Excel is not a CRM.

Neither is Outlook.

You need a real tool that can help your salespeople.

Let technology do what it does best – see article two weeks ago.

All kidding aside – get a CRM – one that works for you.

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How do each of these contribute to the process? How do they work together?


Did we get those thinking juices rolling?

Are you ready to move forward and do something?

Are you ready to start saying “my sales process rocks”?


Then let’s get together and get you started on a sales process that works.