Best Practices for Leadership 40 Key Areas to Review Concerning Bringing Back Your Employees Post Coronavirus

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What is the next step in getting your employees back to work once you have the OK from your state? IMG_7961


What is the plan? 

How are you going to make it happens? 

What do you need to do to prepare for it?


These are the questions that so many of you out there are asking today as you prepare for this adventure. I know it may not seem like an adventure, but we have to keep positive to make it happen.


We have been working with a number of organizations over the past 4 weeks and have developed what is believed to be a good list.

We have so far identified 40 things that you need to consider as you get ready. 

You can obtain the complete checklist of all 40, just click here. 


Our purpose today is simply to share a few items from the list.  Our upcoming, book due to release by the end of the week of May 18, 2020.

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Please enjoy these three and get back to us with any feedback you have.


1/. Those employees who are reluctant to come back.

One thing you will find is that you may have some employees who have been away for a while and they are just not ready to come back to work.

What do you do?

They may be afraid of the environment or have other fears.

They may have simple practical problems that they do not know how to deal with yet.

But either way, they are not coming back right now and you have to deal with it.


Questions to ask and address:


1/        How do you deal with this?

2/        Can you or do you want to let them go?  We are not your HR department.  We highly recommend you get their input before you make any moves in this area.

3/        Why are they reluctant?usmc image 2

            Take some time with them to get some answers to this question.

            Work with them and try to open them up to see what is really going on.

4/        What do you see is the best way for you to deal with them.

            You are the leader of your team.

            You know your people, or you should know your people better than anyone else.

            What is your plan?

5/        Let’s look at some ideas.

            How can you get them back to work? 

            Do you want to bring them back to work, or is this a time of clean up?

            What can you do to help them?

            Find ways to work with your team to discover some answers.

            Each person and each group will have different needs and different problems.

            You have to take some time and try and understand what you can do.



2/     Employee travel local, national, worldwide

How much do your team members travel local, national and international? 

In some of your businesses travel is a regular part of life and one we gave little thought to prior to the Coronavirus.  

Issues here include everything from travel to other company locations, travel to vendors, customers and prospects. 

Local travel, statewide travel, national or even worldwide travel. 

You need to take a little time and understand how you will deal with these issues.

Questions to ask and address:

New Book From The Coach
New Book From The Coach


1/        Do your workers have to travel to do their job?

2/        Can you handle the work without them traveling? If so, what are some ways you plan to do that?

3/        What types of travel do your employees do? 

A/        Flying

B/        Driving

C/        Public Transportation?

4/        How soon before you have to ask them to take to the road?

5/        What precautions should you implement and what help will you need relating to travel. 

6/        How will you handle the fear of the workers to travel? What about those that refuse to travel?


3/     Child Care


How are your employees going to make sure their children are taken care of? 

This is a huge issue because not just are the childcare and pre-schools closed but the regular school systems are also closed. 

What is a parent to do?

You have to be aware and many of you may be in an empathic position because you are experiencing the same issue yourself. 2D-2

How flexible can you be and still get the work done?


Questions to ask and address:


1/        Do you have anyone who can take care of the children?

2/        What hours can you get childcare?

3/        Where childcare is open – you have to ask if they feel safe with the care available?

4/        Can they work a different shift?

5/        Can they bring the child to work?  Do they want to?  Will your employer permit it?


These are just a few of the 40 items we have tried to take a look at for you.

Please click here to get the complete check list.

If you want to order the Kindle version of the book, just click here to pre-order or order, depending on when you are reading this.  The projected release date is by end of the week of May 18, 2020.

Be safe, be careful and be ready.