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TLG/008 – Targeted Lead Generation

Visibility with Coach Manny
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Subject: Visibility

How do you get yourself and your business visible to the right people in today’s world.


Get people to notice you and almost a zero cost.

You want people to take action to connect with you.


You can get people to know you, locally, nationally and even internationally.

Tool:  Hootsuite.

Link: https://hootsuite.com/


Tool allows you to schedule posts into the future.


You cannot post to much!


Message from those who are getting the visibility you want to have.


You can post to much junk!

What is in it for them – that is the key to your posts.

WIIFM – what’s in it for me!


50,60,70 posts a day is good.

Get your name anywhere and everywhere.


Visibility can get people to take action

Ring Your Phone


Yes, social media does take time.


You can outsource the posting, but not the content.


Layout what you are going to post in a Word document





Set it up so you are out there at all times.

You do it once in the tool then it happens.


BLog – break it down into posts.

Many posts.

Then all links

Add pictures


YouTube Video

Put out with your posts the link to your video’s

Over and over again.

Get people to watch you.



Post pieces on a little at a time.

You can make posts of the entire book.




Set up the next 7 days, completely and then add during the week if you think of new stuff.


Best Platforms

I like:

Linkedin – a lot of stuff

Facebook – not that much because it fills your friends up

G+  all you can, watch duplication because Google indexing

Twitter – all you can, it runs so fast.


Pintrest – every video and pictures once.


Get people to know who you are

B to B or B to C   both work well.



Hoot Suite $10 a month.

$100-$200 on Facebook advertising and you can be rolling at high speed.

Watch the Facebook Advertising Podcast coachman.com/TLG/001


What is your goal – Get the phone to ring.


Measurement is so critical.

Ask and track what came from social media and what was the dollar value.


Add to this email and calling and you have a heck of a combination to generate leads.

Start today

Post relative information

Educate people.


Get in NOW!


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