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TLG/007 – Targeted Lead Generation

Podcasting as a Lead Generator with Donald C. Kelly, from

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Donald:

Subject: Podcasting and how it can help you with  Lead Generation


Donald Kelly is a powerful sales trainer, an award- winning speaker and host of the most dynamic sales podcast, “The Sales Evangelist”. His sales experience expands across a variety of industries including SaaS, IT technical training courses, home security systems, manage IT services, medical and sales training.Donald Kelly picture

With his unparalleled energy and ability to simplify the most complex sales concepts, Donald has motivated and influenced the way sellers sell all over the world. Some of Donald’s podcast guests have been Guy Kawasaki, Jill Konrath, Jeffrey Gitomer and Linda Richardson.

As a sought after speaker, Donald has spoken to audiences all across the country and has shared the stage with speakers such as Aisha Tyler, Sarah Koenig, Chris Brogan and Marc Maron.

Donald’s mission is to evangelize the method of effective selling to motivate sellers of all levels to DO BIG THINGS!

How podcasting can help you in your lead generation process.

Donald was a seller just like you!

He messed up on the selling process just as we do.

But he learned the right way to make it happen.


The Sales Evangelist story.

You must take action

If I can do it – anyone can do it is what Donald is teaching you.

Over 500 episodes to  date – just full of information to make you better.


It is critical to get the right information as a sales person.

It is what you need to make you better at what you do.

What can a podcast do for me as a business person – how can it help me.


When people listen to your podcast, they are doing other things, but you are in their ears, and they are listening.

You get up close and personal with them.


ITunes does a great deal of the advertising for your podcast


Podcasts add a flavor that perhaps blogs don’t have and that is interaction.

When you interview people on a podcast, you can hear and fell the interaction and become part of it.

Key point: Interview your ideal customers


Podcasts are an Online radio station

The message gets out there to so many people.

The listeners in the audience could be customers.

The podcast opens up the relationshp


You give your listeners information and that many times open’s doors because people recognize you when you reach out to them.

You where a stranger, but now that they have heard you – you are someone they know.


The people on the podcast benefit your listeners by sharing information.

By helping them learn, by helping them overcome issues and problems.


There is a low barrier of entry into podcasting – hard work but you can get in.


You learn as you go along.

You might not be that good initially but you get better.


You can make the podcast a team effort in your company.

Get the people in the company involved.

Use the podcast to promote other things you do.

Get your team on as guest.

Get them to share the stuff they help you and your clients with.


Use a virtual assistant to help you with the work

Have someone else take and write up notes.

Use your team on the program.


Show off your people and get them visible to potential customers.


Podcasts are on many platforms including iTunes and Stitcher Radio


You should create a Facebook group to aline with your podcast.


Get on other people’s podcasts, be a guest.

Can also do paid ads to get people to listen.


Time Frame for Podcast:



Multiples per week.


You can record a bunch of these episodes and then release as you like.


What does your community want?  How often do they want to hear from you?


Initially it takes work to get guests.

When people start to notice you – they will come to you and ask to be on.



Ask people.

Ask those you think might say no.

Ask those you would like to see as a customer of you.

The worse they can say is no.


Podcasts grow – amazing what can happen in 1 to 1 1/2 years.


Bring some of your customers on a show and talk with them.


Consistency makes it work – like is every thing.


Key Point: Go where your ideal customer is.


Content upgrade – tell people on the show – if you are interested in learn more about what we talked about on the podcast today – here is a link.

This is great way to engage people.

Get them to buy other products and services from you.


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