Success Means Turning Toward What You Fear

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What keeps you from achieving those great goals you know you can?

What holds you back from making those goals a reality?

Why do you spend so much time thinking about what your fear?


Is fear holding you back?

Stop letting anything hold you back. Stop Settling. Go for the gold.
Stop letting anything hold you back. Stop Settling. Go for the gold.


If you are in sales (and, one way or another, we all are), then fear may constantly threaten to stop you from doing what you know you need to do.  Fear can make you hesitate and hold back.  You know you can do this, but!


If you allow fear to get in the way, you will never reach your potential.


Today I want to discuss three things you can do to overcome, or better yet – get through fear.


Here are the success factors when it comes to fear.


1/         You stop fear by taking action.

Henry David Thoreau said:

“Most men led lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”


Is it because these men fear doing what they were actually put here to do?

We have all been given so many great skills and abilities, yet most people ignore them.


When you try to close the deal, you know you should say something. You may even know exactly what to say, yet you hold back.


And when you don’t do what you know what you know you should do, then someone else will step up and do what you should have.


How many times have you planned to do something, but you didn’t. 


You stop fear by taking action – so take some action today.

Find one thing you have been meaning to do, and then do it.


Right now.


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2/         The First Step is always the hardest.


Nelson Mandela said:

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing but in rising every time we fall.”


It might be a tough year. You might be dealing with stuff you just wish you could put away, but you can’t.

Fear has taken hold on you, and the fear of failure has stopped you in your tracks.


How many times have you held back and dreaded any action only to find that that after taking your first step, it all just started to happen.


When you take that first step into the unknown, the second comes so much easier.


Today, take the time to consider something you need to do to get started. Then, start it.  Now!



3/         There is always risk.


Frederick Wilcox said:

“Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”


Risk is a part of the process.

Rick is a part of life.

Risk is what makes us excited, even though at times we might not think so.


Risk is why some people shine, become superstars, and others just never get there.

If you want to become all God put you here to be, stop holding back.

Accept the risk and go for the gold.


What is that thing you would do if risk hadn’t paralyzed you? 

Today, begin.


I leave you with this great quote from D. De Haan


It often helps in time of trial

When fearful and alone,

To know that every doubt we feel

The greatest saints have known.


Is it time?

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