Sales Is a Numbers Game – From Suspect to Customer

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A Chapter From Coach Manny’s new book due to release next month –

Sales Has To Be Driven From The Top


Are you generating the business you want to generate?

Are your sales growing at the rate you expected or more?

Are you happy with your current sales process?


Simple questions – right?


Well if you are not happy, what are you doing to change?


Let us look at this in a very simple model.


First, the goal is to move suspects to customers.

But, in order to do that, they have to go through a cycle.


For example, if one customer takes 5 qualified prospects, and 5 qualified prospects take 10 prospects, and 10 prospects require 25 suspects.

The simple math is that for you to create a customer, you first have to have 25 suspects.

To generate 100 customers, you have to have 2500 suspects.


Second, you have to understand the best place to hunt for your suspects.

Yes it is hunting.

To do that, you need to start with your existing customers. Where did each of them come from?

Always track this going forward and track it going back so you can see a pattern begin to emerge.

Now if 50 percent of your customers come from networking and another 40% of them come from cold calling, then those are the places you hunt.

Why? Simple, because the proof is in the pudding – you have proven it works.

90% of your customers come from these two sources – so why would you hunt elsewhere?


Third, you have to determine how to move a suspect to either a prospect or out.

Simply put, a prospect is someone who you believe, think or looks like they could use what you sell.

Then you have to ask questions, listen, research, and take the time to make the determination. Don’t keep chasing people who are not your prospects.


Fourth, you have to move prospects to qualified prospects.

Some people like to combine this and the previous step, but for clarification, I like to keep them completely separate.

Now you start to ask the harder questions.

Do they have a need?

Do they have money?

Can they make the decision?

Do they want to buy the product?

What is their timeframe?


And finally the fifth step.

Moving them towards being a customer.

Ask for the order.

All throughout the process, you have been building the relationship and now you keep going, thus making it even stronger.

Demonstrate exactly what is in it for them.

Ask for the order.

You might have to do a proposal.

You might have to do a presentation.

Either way, ask for the order.


This is how you move a suspect to a customer.

Now get out there and start doing it.