3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Business Owners Make That Keep Them Frustrated About Sales!

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My Sales Suck


How many of you have said this in the middle of the day, when business is just not growing, and you are frustrated?


How many of you have woken up in the middle of the night with this issue and not been able to fall back to sleep?


How many of you constantly think about your poor sales when you should be focused on other issues in your organization?


“You don’t have to wait for things to happen, you make things happen.”

Zig Ziglar.



How to define your target market

7 Lead Generation Techniques

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Action happens when people stop thinking and start doing.2D-2


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Today I want to explore 3 points and their effect on your organization.


Business owners who are unhappy with their sales process will never get where they want to be – so let’s get you happy.




1/         Are your sales people doing what technology and administrative people should be doing, and not what sales people should be doing?


            Most marketing can be automated through an effective email marketing/ CRM product.


            From an automated marketing campaigns based on where and how you meet a new contact to an automate processes based on actions taken from an email or landing page.  Once a system is set up to handle this, it just keeps doing it and all you need to do is tag the prospect.


            Sales people need leads, and you need automated strategies for generating more and better leads. 


            Sales people need to be either on the phone or out at appointments. Automation of proposal and contract pieces is also critical.


            Reps should be using mobile apps that make their work easier and their effort more effective.


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2/         Are you hiring the wrong people and not cutting them before you should?


            Do your prospective reps take a personality test before you hire them?

            These tests really work and will greatly help you. 

            (if you need a company – let me know)


            If they will have to make calls – are you testing them?


            Why are we so afraid to put prospective sales reps through a rigorous \ process before we hire them?


            Have expectations been extremely clear – both yours and theirs?


            If you clearly define expectations, it is very clear when they are not met.


            Do not hesitate to terminate reps who fail to meet expectations.


3/         Do you lack a sales process that keeps sales people productive and accountable?


            Are you pursuing your target market?

            What are the products/services you want to lead with?

            How do you generate leads?

            How do you qualify a lead, and then what do you do?



            Sales materials?

            Follow up process?


            How do each of these contribute to the process? How do they work together?


Did we get those thinking juices rolling?

Are you ready to move forward and do something?

Are you ready to start saying “my sales rocks”?


Let’s start with a call, just a chance for me to learn a little more about you.

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Remember:  Leaders define and develop the top line, managers worry the bottom line.

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How to define your target market

7 Lead Generation Techniques

Click here to download