How to Get Really Good At Listening



Customers and prospects will pay more attention to what you are saying. 

They will buy.

If they know you are listening to them!


Hear what the customer is saying not what you think they are saying.  

The glow on their face lead to them buying.


When the Customer feels comfortable.

They have a way  higher possibility of buying.


10 Days to more business because you learn how to shut up and listen

To your customers

To your prospects

To you team

To you loved ones.

It makes a huge difference.


Listening, the number one skill that will make your successful.

Do not hesitate – get in today.


Coach Manny’s New Super course on listening is here.


10 Lessons over 10 days – get in today

Each lesson has a quick video and a few simple tasks to let you work what you just learned.


Part I –             Be Genuinely interested                                                                                

Part II –           Listen with an open mind                                                                                

Part III –           Echo back                                                                                           

Part IV –          Stop trying to fill the Silence

Part V –           Eye contract

Part VI –          Don’t get the I can’t wait to answer – itchy pants syndrome             

 Part VII –         Never Cut them off or interrupt them                                    

 Part VIII –       You think too fast, so concentrate                                                     

 Part IX –          Listen to understand – not to respond yet                             

 Part X –           Ask more questions – keep them talking                                          


We want you to get a feel for the process first.

Get started today with the first 2 lessons absolutely free with no obligation to buy anything.

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Move forward on your way to being a great listener.