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The only thing holding you back is YOU!

Do you get that?



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From the book, “The Slight Edge 


Consistently repeated daily actions


+  Time


= Inconquerable results



Question for YOU!

How do we take all we have gathered and change our lives for the better?


Failure Creates Success


Are you really going after the gold or is silver enough?




And if silver is enough, maybe bronze is OK




If bronze is ok, then……….

Where does compromise end?



Two Questions:

What is your goal in life?


What Level do you want to play at?


Failure Creates Success

•   Vision
•    Plan
•   Action

This is what I help people put together

The first two, many can do

The third one – is the key – few can do it right!


Question – Why Should you work with me?


•   Good Looking
•   Smart
•   Talented
•   None of the above


Start by asking yourself:


What Level Do you want to play at?


Is what your doing today going to get you there?


Are the people you hang out with today going to get you there?


Are you willing to do what you have to make it happen? 


If you want to hire me:


•   You have to want it very badly
•   I cannot want it for you
•   You can’t want it for someone else
•   I will hold you to the process
•   But can you hold yourself


You must leave your EGO at home


Commit, commit, commit


It is not Easy

•   I will push you
•   I will make you mad
•   I will make you do things you don’t like
•   You will exceed your expectations
•   You will excel
•   You will make your own success


Are you ready to invest in you and this program?


Ready to get what you need


But not what you like – at first



•   Get that vision out of you
•   Get it on the table
•   Make it visible
•   Make it real
•   Make YOU
•   We build a real plan
•   With Measurements
•   With time tables
•   With deliverables
•   A real written plan
•   We measure
•   We monitor
•   We adjust
•   We push
•  We push
•   We push
•   You paid for college
•   You may have paid for a franchise
•   You have paid for other Self Development
•   You have attended and paid for Conferences

This is all about investing in YOU

This is not a cost

This is an investment in YOU!


It is all in you



I help get it out – YOU make it happen! 


This is only for people who want to go for the Gold.



Are you Ready?


You Could!

•   Try and do it yourself
•   Hire an average coach
•   You can hire me.
The Coach Manny Program 


•  Grow your business and yourself
•  Invest in you
•  Building the right recipe
•  Faster
Are you Ready to Take Action?
•   Get more sales
•   Get more time
•   Get more cash to keep


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