Leaders Must be Warriors, not Worriers

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Change a couple of letters and it could be either way. Are you a worrier, or are you a warrior when it comes to building your business and your life?   Do you spend your time worrying about what is … Continued


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Generating Leads Using Linkedin With Linkedin Expert – Mr. Ted Prodromou 2 Seconds is all you get on your profile view – will someone want to know more? How does your background banner look?  Would you want to learn more? … Continued


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How to Create Your Own Podcast An interview with Tom Antion Internet Multimillionaire “guy nextdoor” and founder of the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school inthe country. He’s the subject of a Hollywood Documentary “The American Entrepreneur” premiering later this … Continued


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Tips on Working at Home Effectively During the Coronavirus 8-14 8          What you have been doing offline, you can do online 9          Ask for video appointments 10        It is what it is, what can we do about it? 11        Stop … Continued


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Tips on Working at Home Effectively During the Coronavirus 1-7   1          Take care of you first 2          You can push farther than you think 3          Plan your week and plan your day 4          Dedicated work space 5          Separate Work … Continued


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 Networking and Relationship Building How to handle speaking with people   One of the biggest keys to success in speaking with people is listening and letting the other person talk. Ask questions, never assume you know anything. You saw these … Continued

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